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Loyalty Programs
are our specialty and the lowest cost highest ROI you can make to thrive in any economy!

  • For every $1 spent on a loyalty rewards program your average ROI is $38, this is the golden egg to increasing your bottom line.
  • The spa industry depends on relationships between you, your staff, your guests, and the community.
  • Building, keeping and growing these relationships is the key to a thriving day spa and salon. 
  • Our unique approach to the day spa experience has developed around these principles of relationships.
  • We can grow your business on a budget, creating revenue generating programs and services without the usual upfront costs.
  • Increase revenue through online marketing for just a few minutes a day - we will show you how.



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Turn Spa-Week into a Cash Cow

Spa-Week can be a successful marketing tool if you utilize it correctly you will maximizing your ROI by enticing these customers t return.
        ·         Generating income from Spa-Week
        ·         Why Spa-Week patrons don’t come  back
        ·         How to get them coming back again and again
        ·         The ins and outs of Spa-Week

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